Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

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On 15 Feb 99,  U Hayavadana wrote:

> but you don't even need the other 26 if you write like me! and no indian
> script has capitals either.

I think even English would be completely understandable if they dispense
with the capitals at all and many words that require a capital in English do
not need in French. Moreover some of the 26 characters are redundant or
very rarely used and could easily be dispensed with and a few more
symbols could be added for missing sounds to make Roman script more
logical and universal. Unless English speakers cannot be persuaded to do
that it is unfair for speakers of other language to adopt a script which is not
the most scientific in the first place.

> >> we can use the technology that is already developed for western
> >> languages (like standardised computer and printing equipment)

The standardization is the key problem for Indian scripts not the script itself
because nobody really cares for it in India. If Chinese, Arabic and Japanese
can be standardized with many more nonlinear characters it should be much
easier to do so for Indian scripts,

I hope it gets you in the best of spirits.
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