Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

U Hayavadana hayavadana at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 15 16:39:42 UTC 1999

At 12:55 14.02.99 PST, S Krishna wrote:
>U Hayavadana now says:
>  As for your other question

it wasn't a question.

>i.e. what would the Congress say now if
>the roman script were to adopted for writing Indian languages,
>they would more than welcome it because:
>1. Roman is reminiscient of Rome, which is now very important in
>Indian politics as a result of Snamprogetti, Maino, Italian etc etc:-)
>2. If (1) doesn't make the point explicitly, remember that Madam
>( Sonia Gandhi) would feel comfortable using the roman script and
>that would be reason enough for everybody switching to the Roam script
>as far as the Congress in concerned.

hey, you forgot the pope and the cia.


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