Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman translitera tion

Chandrasekaran, Periannan Periannan.Chandrasekaran at DELTA-AIR.COM
Thu Feb 11 22:24:09 UTC 1999

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> From: Christopher Fernandez >
>  I wrote the original after browsing through a new book
>  explaining why the Chinese script must go and NOT the language:
>  Wm. C. Hannas, Asia's orthographic dilemma, Hawaii, 1997.

Yeah...let us then become bit-spitting robots...
eat plastic and drink electricity....

If people with totally disparate langauges and
cultural backgrounds could perform extensive trade and cultural exchange
with the relatively primitive communication and trasnport
mechanisms 1700+ years ago, why can't we with the technology
that sent man to moon three decades ago?.
Technology ought to accocmmodate human idiosyncracies
not the other way around.

We have to start a movement to preserve the *cultural*
environment just like the one for physical/biological environment
and I would put the Chiness script at the top.
It is the heritage of all humanity.We are killing
too many cultural elements everyday.
Let ecomonics wait...


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