Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

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On 11 Feb 99,  Christopher Fernandez wrote:
CF>  Are there any reasons why India cannot make a switchover
CF>  to AIR script?

"Aditya, the ]-[indu  Skeptic" wrote:
There have been several attempts made to adopt Roman script for Indian
languages but none have succeeded so far partly because number of
characters in Roman is not sufficient for Indian sounds and there
could be no agreement as to which Roman character should correspond
 to a Devnagri or Urdu character.

I have noticed on this list itself  that there is no unanimity to
 represent the same Devnagri character with a unique Roman character.

  Not really. A recent Indology posting is appended. Please
  do click the URLs and have a look at the uniformity in

  For several decades, academic publications on India's
  Classical Languages employ a uniform transliteration.

  The problem referred by you is fairly recent.  Indians usually
  employed as Computer professionals write in nonscholarly forums
  such as Newsgroups and mount their Websites depending on what
  they think is more apt. I suspect that their knowledge
  or training in Indic languages is superficial, they
  come mostly from Convent schools of Indian cities
  where little (if any) attention is given to Indian language

  The unanimity is an accomplished fact in the proposed
  ISO standard translit. scheme with or without diacriticals.

"Aditya, the ]-[indu  Skeptic" wrote:
>The most important reason for failure of all such attempts is the

  I agree with you 100%


Subject:      Draft 7-bit Indic transliteration scheme
I enjoyed looking at the transliteration scheme for
all Indian languages.

Grand achievement indeed!
The main web page is at

For vowels and gutturals,
For palatals-semivowels,
For sibilants,
For extensions and ancient forms,

A suggestion:
Along with the eleven scripts considered, a column might
be added for Grantha script of writing Sanskrit.

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