karmakAra and karmakara

Chandrasekaran, Periannan Periannan.Chandrasekaran at DELTA-AIR.COM
Tue Feb 2 22:18:53 UTC 1999

The classical Tamil text cilappatikAram (2nd-4th century AD)
uses the word
"karumakArar" ("karmakAra") in the sense of some craftsman such as
as a smith (blacksmith) in chapter 5's beginning where the
auhtor iLaGkO gives a long list of occupations engaged in
by the residents of maruvUrppAkkam a "blue collar"-like or
"downtown"-like area of pUmpukAr the Tamil port city.
I do not have the text with me right now.
Hope somebody else could help here with the specific line.


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