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At 05:12 AM 2/27/99 -0800, you wrote:
> I have been following the discussion of Potala/Sriparvata and I am
>outraged at
> the obscurantist behavior of Sarma in this discussion.
> Hiding relevant information or presenting misleading information
>seems to be
> the forte of Sarma. In a post on Fri, 22 Jan 1999, he said,
> "The "nallamala" range of hills in the telugu country extend right from
> ahObilaM-tirumala to zrizailaM-nAgArjunakoMDa. In dravidian "nalla"
> stands for good and "mala" stands for mountain. The word nalla has
> been sanskritised as "zrI" which can mean auspicious, mejastic or
> lovely. Thus the words "nallamala", "tirumala", "zrIzaila", "zrIgiri"
> "zrIparvata" are synonyms."
> Sarma pulled a fast one here. Conveniently, he resorted to a non-Telugu
> meaning of "nalla". In Telugu, "nalla" means "black/dark" and not
>"good". To
> Telugus, "nallamala" means "black/dark mountain" and not "good
> Since Sarma could not explain how a Telugu word meaning "black/dark"
>can be
> Sanskritized as "zrI", he had manufactured a non-existent meaning.
> On 2/24/99  Sarma says,
> >Gaungming = bright
> >Here is the evidence that Sri parvata is the mountain that is being
> >to.
> >According to MMR
> >Sri= to burn, flame, diffuse light, diffusing light or radiance.
> Sarma has fraudulently succeeded in transmuting a "black/dark"
>mountain into a
> "bright" mountain. What a contrast!
> Earlier, when Chris Fernandez criticized Sarma's illogical and
> statements, Bijoy Misra said that Sarma "can't be as bad as is
>depicted". Now,
> we see Sarma's full capabilities for committing intellectual fraud!
> his recent accusation regarding the hijacking of Nagarjuna had
>exposed  his
> paranoia and ignorance of Andhra history. And he has the gall to
> others like S. Palaniappan whose analyses are well-regarded by genuine
> scholars on the list.
> Is it  too much to expect from list members who post, a modicum of
> 1- logical rigor in argumentation,
> 2- objectivity, and
> 3- integrity?
> Best,
> Keith

Mr. Keith,
                I wish that you had carefully considered the situation before you sent
this posting. There is no question that the range of hills is called
Sriparvata irrespective of whether Sriparvata is the translation of
nallamala or not. No body can or does question it, because that is the name
by which it
is known in our literature and inscriptions. Therefore there is no question
of my naming it as Sriparvata by fraudulently traslating it. Chinese seem
to have translated it taking the meaning of bright and radiant for Sri and
calling it
radiant mountain.

                In addition to this though as you said nalla has one meaning
as black in telugu, in our ancient telugu literature nalla=good is also there.
After all our language and tamil are derived from the same source.

I think you owe me an apology.



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