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Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Sat Feb 27 13:30:42 UTC 1999

Keith Williams wrote:

>  I have been following the discussion of Potala/Sriparvata and I am
> outraged at
>  the obscurantist behavior of Sarma in this discussion.
>  Sarma has fraudulently succeeded in transmuting a "black/dark"
> mountain into a
>  "bright" mountain. What a contrast!
>  Earlier, when Chris Fernandez criticized Sarma's illogical and
> prejudiced
>  statements, Bijoy Misra said that Sarma "can't be as bad as is
> depicted". Now,
>  we see Sarma's full capabilities for committing intellectual fraud!
> Moreover,
>  his recent accusation regarding the hijacking of Nagarjuna had
> exposed  his
>  paranoia and ignorance of Andhra history.

>  Is it  too much to expect from list members who post, a modicum of
>  1- logical rigor in argumentation,
>  2- objectivity, and
>  3- integrity?

Whatever  the realities of the discussion are, could we please avoid using
expressions such as "obscurantist", "fraudulently", "intellectual fraud" and
"paranoia"? The polite assumption is always that your opponent is wrong, not
that he wilfully distorts facts - UNLESS you can DEMONSTRATE  that your
opponent is consciously dishonest.  A discussion where such perceptions as the
ones above are stated explicitly immediately turns the discussion into a common
quarrel that is of no interest to the list.

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