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Avinash Sathaye sohum at MS.UKY.EDU
Fri Feb 26 22:09:16 UTC 1999

I checked the original B.O.R.I. critical edition by S.K. Belvalkar himself
(1968 reprint of the original 1946 version).
He himself has:"dRSTvaiva kAlAnalasaMnibhAni".

So, the  "dRSTvaiva kAlAnilasaMnibhAni" must be a misprint introduced by the
Agrawala edition!

Also, the meaning of the verse makes more sense with anala=fire, than
anil=wind as a comparison
for the mouths!

BTW, my copy of the critical edition does not give the variant that you

> For this line Belvalkar only lists the variation: dRSTvaiva  :  dRSTveva

Also, the critical editions (all mahaabhaarata or giitaa) are still
available from B.O.R.I itself!
My giitaa edition was 60Rs. or about $1.5. They also ship, though shipping
could be much more expensive!

Harry Spier wrote:

> I'm using Harvard-Kyoto (HK) convention in the following.
> I have obtained a copy of "zrImadbhagavadgItA" / Sanskrit text edited by
> S.K. Belvalkar; Hindi translation by V.S. Agrawala. - Varanasi: Hindu
> Vishvavidyalaya Sanskrit Publication Board: sole distributor, Banaras
> Hindu University Press, 1962.
> The text contains a very comprehensive list of variations and critical
> apparatus.  The editor S.K. Belvalkar is the editor of the Bhagavad Gita
> section of the B.O.R.I. critical edition of the Mahabharata, 1947.
> In verse 11.25 line 2 of the above text I would like to check if there
> is a misprint.
> This line reads:  "dRSTvaiva kAlAnilasaMnibhAni"
> But in J.A.B. van Buitenen's edition "The Bhagavadgita in the
> Mahabharata" which is based on the B.O.R.I. critical edition (and all
> other texts I've checked) the line reads:
>  "dRSTvaiva kAlAnalasaMnibhAni"
> For this line Belvalkar only lists the variation:
> dRSTvaiva  :  dRSTveva
> This makes me wonder if "kAlAnilasaMnibhAni" might be a misprint?
> If anybody who has access to the B.O.R.I. critical edition could check
> if this is a valid reading or not I would greatly appreciate it.
> Also if anybody could tell me if the B.O.R.I. critical edition is still
> in print And if so how to obtain it.
> Thank you very much,
> Harry Spier
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