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Martin Gansten <mgansten at SBBS.SE> wrote on  Sat, 20 Feb. 1999 20:34:42 +0100

> Robert and John: thanks very much for your suggestions! Does anyone know of
> classical Indian references to any of these rather nasty-sounding diseases?
> Regards,
> Martin Gansten

I found the reference in Sushruta-saMhita. In its uttaratantra, adhyaaya 2, the
topic of netra-kR^imi is discussed. The so-called worms (kR^imi) are supposed to
infect the joint between eyelids and the white portion of the eye. There are
several remedies suggested  and I can supply more details if needed. Other
responses to the message gave suggested modern equivalents for the disease, but
I am not qualified to judge those. Perhaps, somebody has access to modern
commentaries on Sushruta.
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