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Fri Feb 26 01:13:53 UTC 1999

Dear  Ms. Vanitha  Krishnamurthy,

Christianity  of  only  the  Nestorian  and  Jacobite  kind  were  only
in  Kerala  at  the  time  of  Madhva.  Madhva  himself  belonged  to
the  Tulu-speaking  region  of  KarnATaka.  Christianity  of  the
KarnATak  coast  is  of  the  Roman  Catholic  and  Swiss  Protestant
vareity.  Almost  all  the  KonkaNI-speaking  Christians  are  Catholics
who  actually  migratred  to  the  Mangalore  region  from  Goa.  That
why  they  almost  always  have  Portuguese  surnames  (e.g. Pinto,
Norohna,  Saldana,  De  Silva  etc.)  Madhva  was  long  gone  (died
MAgha  Shuddha  navamI  1317  CE)  before  Vasco  da  Gama  landed  in
Calicut  in  1498.  So,  there  is  no  question  of  Catholic
influence.  The  Tulu-speaking  Christians  are  mostly  converts
through  the  Basel  Mission  (Swiss)  who  came  much  later.  Madhva
himself  never  mentions  the  Christians  in  ANY  of  his  39  works.
In  fact,  he  quotes  the  Sruti,  GItA  and  other  Hindu  smrtis
consistently  in  support  of  his  doctrines.


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