Chih Sheng (688-740 AD)

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> >If, indeed, the brightness referred to the country rather than the
> >mountain, there is an explanation also. The larger country in which
> >Potiyil was
> situated
> >was ruled by Pandyas whose name has been sometimes interpreted as derived
> from
> >Sanskrit pANDu meaning "white".
> White and bright are absolutely different. White is a color. Brightness
> refers to light energy emitted. You can have bright red, bright green etc
> and there can be dull whites.

That is rihgt - GuangMing means bright in sense of shining. In fact
the Chinese mountain EMei Shan in Sichuan is called by
Buddhists GuangMing Shan due to the special phenomenon known
as Buddha's aureole - rainbow rings, produced by reflection of
water particles, attach themselves to a person's shadow in a cloud
bank bellow the summit. Devout Buddhist are reported to jump over
the cliff making suicide believing it is a call from beyond. There are
iron poles and and chain railings since the Ming dynasty there to
prevent these suicides.


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