Chih Sheng (688-740 AD)

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Nobumi Iyanaga wrote:
>>The travel of Xuanzang was very well known so that it is
>>not surprising that he is quoted in this way.
>>But it is well known also that Chinese people in Tang period were
>>in general well aware of Indian things; it is not impossible that
>>Zhisheng had some more direct informations.

Petr Mares wrote:
> I remeber I saw the doubts about the authenticity of the 10-12
> fasciculis of XuanZang even in some old western works (is it not
> mentioned in Watters, Max Muller's Buddhist Pilgrims or Waley's
> Real Tripitaka? I do not have them here but will check when I go to
> library). I also read earlier in the biography of Xuan Zang written
> in 665 A.D. (can be found in Taisho 2053) that he did not visit
> MalayakuTa, he just heard about it, Is the Potiyil mountain in that
> region?

 I have also read that Xuan Zang did NOT go South of Kanchipuram. - NG

Nobumi Iyanaga wrote:
>>I have never heard of any doubt about the authenticity of the last
>>part of the travel of Xuanzang. ...

 Prof. Chun-fang Yu, Rutgers university also expressed the same
 surprise when I queried whether the Potalaka passage in Malaya
 mountains is a "forgery". I give Dr. Yu's letter below:

 [Begin quote]
This is the first time that I read that the passage about Potalaka
found in Hsuan-tsang's account was a forgery. Did your informant
supply evidence for such assertion? Who said that this was a forgery?
 [End quote]

  N. Ganesan

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