Malay =? Guangming?

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Wed Feb 24 17:21:13 UTC 1999

> > the Malaya country translated as Kuang ming
> It is interesting to note that no such equivalence is listed by TSUJI et
> al. in the best Sanskrit-Chinese dictionary (nominally Skt-Japanese, but
> actually more helpful for its Chinese equivalents), nor in AKANUMA
> Chizen's Proper Name dictionary s.v. Malaya.

It is interesting that small Eitel's Chinese Buddhist Dictionary says
on page 202. GuangMing Shan = "The shining hill or monastery, a
name of the abode of Kuan Yin, said to be in India, and called
Potala". (Eitel gives no references).

But it is strange that in the recent largest Chinese Buddhist
Dictionary - eight volume FoGuang there is no GuangMingShan
mentioned with that meaning. There it is a Buddhist name for one
mountain in South West China called E2Mei2 Shan. (page 4087).

And GuangMingShan is also mentioned under heading
CintAmaNicakra as Guang1Ming2Shan1 shou3 (Shou=hand).
(page 2373) It is related to Avalokiteshvara but not to South India.

Can perhaps Nobumi Iyanaga look up the phrase
Guang1Ming2Shan1 in the Taisho?


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