Cultures' abilities

Swaminathan Madhuresan smadhuresan at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 24 19:36:11 UTC 1999

 Petr Mares wrote:
>Another thing is that I pesronally believe that some cultures have
>more people able to write poetry and some country has more
>manpower that capture easy what is recursive coding.

   Obscure, as usual.

  "Some cultures ... more .. write poetry" - Does this refer to China?
  "more manpower ... recursive coding" - Does this refer to India?

   If so, this is only a *subjectve* opinion, I am afraid.

   All Indian languages have beautiful poetry from ancient
   times comparable to any other on earth. eg., Sanskrit and Tamil.
   Chinese poetry getting well known in the West has more to do
   with money, lobby, Sinology well funded compared to Indology, etc.,

   Indian ability in Programming, nurtured by individual efforts,
   have the roots in ShulbasUtras, Zero concept,Aryabhatta, Madhavan
   who invented Gregorian sine series several centuries before Newton,
   Ramanujan (FRS), Karmarkar (ATT Labs, Operations Research)....


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