Chih Sheng (688-740 AD)

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 Zhisheng states at
> the beginning of this biography that Vajrabodhi "comes from the country of
> Malaya, in the South India".  Then in a note, he writes:  "The name of
> this country is translated here [= in Chinese] 'guangming' [Shining
> light].  Near to this country, there is the Palace of Avalokite"svara [in
> ?] the Mountain Potalaka".  The same thing is repeated by a later compiler
> of Canon Catalog, Yuanzhao, T. LV 2157 xiv 875a13-14.
Dear Mr. Iyanaga

I am curious why Malaya is being rendered here as
Guang1 Ming2 which ussualy stands for Sanskrit Aloka, prabhAsvara,
am/Su, tejas or prabhA. Anybody knows? I dont have the Taisho here but
does ZhiSheng says Guang1 Ming2 is translation of the word Malaya or
that of South India. (in either case it is not clear to me) Is there Nan2
tian1zhu2,  Nan2 yin4du4  or something else  for South India?


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