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Tue Feb 23 10:37:54 UTC 1999

> I could find some (very) little references to Malaya and Potalaka in two
> of the Catalogs compiled by Zhisheng.
  It is not very difficult to find
> these things when we can be helped by the Indices of Taisho...
I am sorry, but that is what I do not have here.

> "The name of this country is
>translated here [= in Chinese] 'guangming' [Shining light].
Do you have any explanation for this translation?

Since you mention the Indexes I would like to ask question related
to Taisho Indexes rather that to ZhiSheng:
Is it possible to find where the word la.Nka is mentioned (‰¾ãS)
 in Taisho? Is it in any work of “Ü–³æ©  Tan2 wu2chen4 ƒhƒ“ƒ€ƒZƒ“
Donmusen ?  (the names are coded in Shift-JIS)
Do you know about any solid evidence that Donmusen translated
the La.NkAvtAra sUtra? Are there any remains? Is there any
research in Japan on the above?

Wouldn't it that some of the descriptions found
> in these fascicules are based on hearsay evidences, since Xuanzang never
> went himself to some of the regions he describes (e.g. Malaku.ta, Malaya
> mountain, Potalaka, among others), so that these informations are not very
> reliable??
I could be so.


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