Apparent sandhi irregularities in the Bhagavad Gita

Harry Falk falk at ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Feb 22 23:06:26 UTC 1999

you must have mixed me with some other Harry.
Harry Falk

Dermot Killingley schrieb:

> Dear Harry,
>   "...mahAnubhAvAJ zreyo...".
>  is correct.
> >  "...mahAnubhAvAn zreyo...".
> may, as you suggest, be influenced by the break between the first and
> second padas, though normal practice is to break sandhi only at the
> end of the second pada (and of course the fourth). In the case of
> editions in Roman script, such as Radhakrishnan's, it may be just a
> misprint or editor's slip. Anyway, the irregularity is insignificant,
> because anyone who knows sandhi can correct it unambiguously and even
> without noticing.
> > Verse 10.41 "tejoMzasambhavan".
> This is also insignificant, but for a different reason. There is
> considerable variation in practice with avagraha. It's treated as
> an aid to the reader rather than an integral part of the text, which
> explains why some people use it where word-initial "a" is elided
> after word-final "A".
> But in the interests of consistency, I'd advise you to keep the
> avagraha in the above line in your edition.
> Dermot
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