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Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
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> In your readings of Chinese translations of Mahayana works,
>  please inform us if you come across
>  any more of Mt. Potalaka locatings. Tell me if it is in
>  Malaya country or mountains from Chinese sources.
>  We already have Hsuan Tsang and Chih Sheng.

Dear Mr. Ganesan

 Chih Sheng is today transcribed in China as
Zhi Sheng and I only have been able to find one scholar of that name. His
name was zhi4 sheng1 and he was compiler of the catalogues of Buddhist
texts Tang Dynasty, in between them the most famous catalogue of
Chinese Buddhists from Tang Dynasty the "Kai1Yuan2 Lu4". He did not
left anything that I know: except his catalogues and encyclopedic work. I
doubt this person could have first hand experience about the Malaya and its
location. But I would be interested to check your reference if I can.


Petr Mares

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