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> >Ceylon has been mentioned as a place where Avalokitesvara
> >is there according to Lankavatarasutra.(lankAgiryAm)
>   Are we sure Lanka in Lankavatara sUtra refers to Ceylon?
>   I have not read this anywhere.
It is recent idea - of for example japanese scholar Daisetz Teitaro
Suzuki in his english text "Studies in Lankavatara Sutra" . It is also
mentioned in some recent Buddhist Chinese Dictionaries that the
sutra's discourse happens on Adam's Peak in Ceylon. In recent
layers of the sutra where many additions appear there is Bhagavat
discoussion with Ravana. But that part is not in the Gunabhadra's
Chinese translation from 420A.D. It is first time appearing in the
Bodhiruci's translation about 100 years later. Bodhiruci was from
North India, while Gunabhdra was from Central or South India so
they probably used altogether different manuscripts in different
languages as their sources.
>   Does Lankavatara mention Avalokitezvara?
Not, as far as I know.


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