Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Sat Feb 20 01:57:28 UTC 1999

Dear  Mr. Gantsen:

Yes,  I  agree  with  you  on  both  counts.  Also,  the  official
RAmAnujite  version  vis-a-vis  the  nature  of  knowledge  is:
1.  Knowledge  in  its  essence  is  formless  (nirAkAra)
2.  Knowledge  is  always  with  an  objective  content  (saviShaya)
3.  Knowledge  is  self-revealing  (svayamprakAshaka).

The  PrabhAkara  school  of  MImAmsA  believes  in  the  simultaneous
triple  revelation  of  knower,  known  and  knowledge,  thereby
implying  the  equal  reality   of  all  three.


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