Paishaacika Sanskrit?

Rolf Koch roheko at MERKUR.NET
Fri Feb 19 14:29:43 UTC 1999

Yes I know the endings nom. sgl. -e and pitA for pitR in compositions
very well from Prakrit-literature.
See Pischel, Grammatik der Prakritsprachen

Martin Gansten wrote:

> Madhav Deshpande wrote:
> >The term "paizaacii" is used in Prakrit grammars to refer to a specific
> >form of Prakrit.  [...] Could you give more specific details of this
> >work that is supposedly in Paizaacika Sanskrit?
> And V. Iyer wrote:
> >Is it a habit to call Dravidian languages as Paishaaci languages
> >in Sanskrit?
> The text in question is a naa.diigrantha called Dhruvanaa.dii. It is
> definitely in Sanskrit (of sorts), not Prakrit, and of South Indian origin.
> I haven't the text with me at the moment, but I am working on another text
> very similar in style: Gurunaa.dii. Among the typical grammatical errors,
> the following may be mentioned:
>         - irregular case endings and compound forms, such as 'karme' for
> '', or 'pitaa-vipat' for 'pit.r-vipat'
>         - irregular (I think) words such as 'bhraatrii' for 'sister'
>         - excessive and superfluous use of the endings -vat and (more
> rarely) -mat, in words such as 'bhaagya-vihiina-vaan'
>         - erroneous gender inflections, such as 'sukhii' for 'sukhinii' or
> -vaan for -vatii.
> Does anyone recognize these patterns?
> Regards,
> Martin Gansten

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