Kashmir, Tamilnadu, Panini, Abhinavagupta, etc.

Wed Feb 17 19:22:15 UTC 1999

At 09:04 AM 2/17/99 PST, N.Ganesan wrote:

>  There is Mt. Potalaka in Buddhist mythology and mysticism;
>  This mythical Mt. Potalaka, abode of Avalokitezvara, is based on
>  a REAL Mount Potiyil/Potikai/Potiyam in the Malaya mountains.
>  Regards,
>  N. Ganesan

This has been your assertion. By simply repeating it
a number of times it does not get established. I feel that
the evidence so far presented for the above assertion
is not sufficient. You have been asking everybody for
inscriptions, dates etc. Why don't you sit down and do a bit of
stock-taking. On one side you write down what are the things
that are required to identify Malaya as Potala/Potalaka.
On the other side whether you have the evidence to convince
others with that.

Even assuming a Potalaka existed on the extreme south, we
have Buddhist authors saying that the land route is submerged
by sea, implying that the Mountain is no more connected with
India by land route. Can be Abhayagiri (is the name correct?)
of Ceylon.



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