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Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Wed Feb 17 16:59:33 UTC 1999

>   So, I am not in search of Gv. mss; What is available
>   from Chinese and Sanskrit is more than sufficient
>   for my purposes.

There is always a difference between the received version and the
old manuscripts, sometimes huge sometimes small. But if the
scripture was being rewritten again and again, the received version
will ussualy  reflect the opinions and ideas of the LAST SCRIBER
before the scripture become widespread and many copies were
available (especially before the invention of printing in the 9th cent.
It pays especially for details such as proper spelled names. So
unless you have the manuscripts I believe it is not proper to claim
any authenticity as of the original. That is just my experience with
the ancient Buddhist manuscripts.
I believe we have to differentiate between Early Chinese
Translations and Early Manuscripts of Early Chinese Translations!
It is specially visible for those found in China where scholars deal
with manuscripts from the centuries BC times very often!! And
compare them to the received versions!!

I would like to hear other opinions and learn from experiences from
others. I have experience with just few texts so it may not be truth
for others.


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