Alleged "forgery" of Xuan Zang's quote

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Mon Feb 15 15:09:33 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Ganesan

It is not my opinion neither allegation, I said only that I read it in various Chinese scholarly articles that Chapters 10-12
 are of much later dates than the first ten - and I affirm again that I read it. I also heard it while I studied in China and the topic arrived at XuanZang.
It is many years since I read these articles and talked to those people so I cannot tell you the names.
 There may be new facts I do not know about.
When I will come across them again I certainly will let you know
but I will not make any special research as I am working on other
research that is interesting to me.
I sent you the name of the specialist in this area, so please contact him if you need and stop asking me about proofs.
 It is not my opinion, I have no opinions in this matter as it is absolutely irrelevant to me.
 I just thought you may be interested what some Chinese scholars think.

I am sorry to write anything in this matter so far. Please do not ask
me again.


Petr Mares

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