Alleged "forgery" of Xuan Zang's quote

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 15 15:30:54 UTC 1999

 I also heard it while I studied in China and the topic arrived at
It is many years since I read these articles and talked to those people
so I cannot tell you the names.
 There may be new facts I do not know about.
I sent you the name of the specialist in this area, so please contact
him if you need and stop asking me about proofs.
 It is not my opinion, I have no opinions in this matter as it is
absolutely irrelevant to me.
 I just thought you may be interested what some Chinese scholars think.

  I just provided the "new facts" from a "Chinese scholar",
a foremost authority working for decades on Mt. Potalaka.

  Will write to A. Meyer at Heidelberg that you kindly provided.
The problem is I have to write 100 letters which are pending.
Any e-mail address for A. Meyer?

  Like I explained before there may be reasons why some Chinese,
surely not knowing anything on India, esp. the South, may
think this passage is late because Hinduism (Saivism) figures in
 there; Avalokitezvara looks Izvaradeva! Also, all LATER Chinese
 paintings, folk tales put Mt. Potalaka in an island.

But remember the two earliest GaNDavUha translations never say
Mt. Potalaka is in an island, nor does the Xuan Zang passages
provided by S. Beal and Th. Watters.

These may be some reasons why some Chinese think Xuan Zang
descriptions of Pu-ta-lo-chia Mount is "spurious".

N. Ganesan

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