George Washington is Siva (was Re: Word splitting...)

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Mon Feb 15 19:46:22 UTC 1999

---"Narayan S. Raja" <raja at IFA.HAWAII.EDU> wrote:
> But I would find it very useful
> if Dr. Ganesan could summarize,
> in 250 words or less, the main idea(s)
> underlying the entire body of his
> voluminous research.
> This will enable me (and maybe
> many others) to understand his
> articles in their proper perspective.
> Summarizing complicated ideas
> in 250 words is a skill that
> everyone learns in graduate
> school (many conferences or
> journals require a 250-word
> abstract).  So it can be done.

  So far as I could read in Indology,
  Dr. N. Ganesan's thesis is
  "Mt. Potalaka is Mt. Potiyil/Potikai
   in Malaya mountains which is celebrated
   in Tamil and Sanskrit literatures for
   2000 years".

  He has shown that the JAOS 1997 article,
  "Who inspired Panini?"'s placemenet of
   Potalaka in Northwest India does not
   have evidence.


PS: I believe Dr. N. Ganesan has a PhD and
chaired some conference proceedungs, authored
archival jl. articles.

Waiting for your George Washington is Siva theory.

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