George Washington is Siva (was Re: Word splitting...)

Narayan S. Raja raja at IFA.HAWAII.EDU
Mon Feb 15 19:12:07 UTC 1999

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Swaminathan Madhuresan wrote:

>   Note: I don't think large number of learned postings is a "sin".
>   or a "problem" as you paint them to be. S/he cannot

Of course it isn't a sin
or a problem.  On the contrary,
Dr. Ganesan's articles are
always interesting.

But I would find it very useful
if Dr. Ganesan could summarize,
in 250 words or less, the main idea(s)
underlying the entire body of his
voluminous research.

This will enable me (and maybe
many others) to understand his
articles in their proper perspective.

Summarizing complicated ideas
in 250 words is a skill that
everyone learns in graduate
school (many conferences or
journals require a 250-word
abstract).  So it can be done.



PS:  By torturing the data, one
     can make it confess anything.
     I can easily show that
     George Washington himself
     is none other than Siva
     in American garb.  I'll post
     the details only if anyone's

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