Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 14 20:55:40 UTC 1999

U Hayavadana now says:

>because there are only 26 letters in the roman alphabet and there are
no ligatures (samyuktakshara's). because printing technology in a linear
script (one letter next to another) is much more simply implemented and
we can use the technology that is already developed for western
languages (like standardised computer and printing equipment), and so
producing printed materials becomes easier. this is an important
advantage if we want to spread literacy among many millions of people.

  There a no of languages even now using the Roman script which use
ligatures( frequency is lower than that of Indian languages but they do
appear there all the same). Among Indian langauges, the frequency
of ligatures in Tamil is significantly lower than in other Indian
languages but this has not made any differnece to the rapidity of text
evolving etc..With all due respect, I believe that there is no
significant connection between ligatures and production of printing

  As for your other question i.e. what would the Congress say now if
the roman script were to adopted for writing Indian languages,
they would more than welcome it because:
1. Roman is reminiscient of Rome, which is now very important in
Indian politics as a result of Snamprogetti, Maino, Italian etc etc:-)
2. If (1) doesn't make the point explicitly, remember that Madam
( Sonia Gandhi) would feel comfortable using the roman script and
that would be reason enough for everybody switching to the Roam script
as far as the Congress in concerned.


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