Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 14 15:20:43 UTC 1999

On 14 Feb 99,  Robert Zydenbos wrote:
> A Pakistani visiting professor of Urdu at Heidelberg mentioned in a
> lecture that the oldest mss. of Tulasi Dasa's Ramayana (in so-called
> "Old Hindi") are written in Urdu script. Has anybody looked into
> the matter sufficiently to confirm whether this is so?

 A probable place to check:
 Christopher R. King, One language, two scripts: the
 Hindi movement in the nineteenth century North India, OUP, 1994

 I am also interested: how widespread was DevanAgari script
 in say, Mughal times, British times, ...??? For example,
 in 1900 AD how many newspapers, magazines in Nagari script
 and how many in Urdu script? What is their approximate
 circulation numbers?

  Can Indologists explain please? May be Dr. Ruth L. Schmiidt
  or others.

  One thing for sure: Nagari script is NOT suitable to write
  Tamil. Reference: V. S. Rajam's works on TolkAppiyam. (UPenn).
  She has a paper in Int. J. Dravidian Linguistics about
  Tamil alphabets to denote consonants. Pulli/oRRu/mey
  is an unique invention by TolkAppiyar. I think this
  concept is absent in Nagari.

  Agree with Chris and Aditya that AIR will boost
  interstate and international communications and trade.
  AIR is simple and common to all the world. And, in India as well.

  After all, nowadays all middle to upper class Indians
  choose English medium anyways.

  With kind regards,
  N. Ganesan

  A note: There is Tamil net, a list, where about
  20,000 people exchange e-mails. From 1996. The TSCII font
  developed by them is a major advance. Bi-lingual messages containing
  Tamil in Tamil script and English are a pleasure to read.
  Can someone tell us about the Tamilnet99 in Chennai
  cybercast all across the world? Any URLs please? Did the paper,
  "The Hindu" write about the cyberconf.?

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