Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

U Hayavadana hayavadana at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 13 19:59:11 UTC 1999

At 16:20 12.02.99 PST, S Krishna wrote:
>>At 11:40 11.02.99 PST, Christopher Fernandez wrote:
>>> Are there any reasons why India cannot make a switchover
>>> to AIR script?
>To which Hayavadana says:
>>yes: it will make literacy easier to achieve, and there are some
>who don't want that. the sangh parivar has already said that nobel
>laureate amartya sen's proposal to boost literacy in india as a way to
>combat poverty is part of a christian conspiracy to convert the whole
>country to christianity and destroy hinduism... the old conversion
>  AAAAAAAH! This is one sin for which the Hindu Right should not
>be given credit.. The Credit goes to the super-secular Congress Party.
>In the 40s, when this was proposed by Subhash Chandra Bose and
>propogated by others, the Congresswallahs protested, the more notable
>protesters( as my understanding goes) being Sampurnanand and SArdar
>Patel. The idea was quickly shelved.

the congress party has not said all that about amartya sen and the
literacy-cum-conversion conspiracy. besides, we're living today, not in
the 40s. better ask the congress what they think today, half a century

>  How exactly would working with the Roman script make literacy easier
>to achieve? Afterall, the Chinese script is far more complicated than
>most others but the Chinese rates of literacy( if they can be believed,
>of course) have been much higher than in India.....

see my response to a similar complaint from another list member. you
can't reduce a complex issue to a single factor.


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