Our Nationhood Defined/Bunch of thoughts

K. S. Arjunwadkar panini at PN2.VSNL.NET.IN
Thu Feb 11 13:28:27 UTC 1999

At 11:01 PM 2/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Members of the Net:
>Do any of you know if the Golwalkar's works "Our nationhood defined" and
>of thoughts" are available as electronic texts?

Ans: The first book, entitled 'We', is withdrawn by the author himself,
long ago. It may be found still in libraries and with indiduals. For copies
of the second, you may contact:
Bharatiya Vichar Sadhana
309 Shaniwar Peth
PUNE 411 030, India
>Best regards,
>Lars Martin Fosse
>Dr. art. Lars Martin Fosse
>Haugerudvn. 76, Leil. 114,
>0674 Oslo
>Phone/Fax: +47 22 32 12 19
>Email: lmfosse at online.no

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