Word splitting & hyphenation conventions in roman transliteration

Christopher Fernandez chris_fernand90 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 11 19:40:53 UTC 1999

>> All India Roman script will boost interstate and international
>> trade and communications.

>Great idea.  Will you do it, or shall I?

>Oh, and while we're about it, let's make everyone speak English,
>since other languages are just a nuisance.

Dear Dominik,

 All India Roman (AIR) script will serve India best.

 May be I was not clear enough. I am not talking of
 Indic Languages, IA or Dravidian or Munda or Tibeto-Burman.

 The incoming ISO standard of transliteration of All Indian
 languages will be great.

 I wrote the original after browsing through a new book
 explaining why the Chinese script must go and NOT the language:
 Wm. C. Hannas, Asia's orthographic dilemma, Hawaii, 1997.

 Are there any reasons why India cannot make a switchover
 to AIR script?


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