LANKAVATARA Sutra - its current research and oldest Manuscripts

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Thu Feb 11 10:16:05 UTC 1999

Dear KIM Jae-sung
Thank you for the reply and the advice. Unfortunately I cannot read
Japanese and I cannot find anybody working on the sutra from the
Chinese speaking community.

Do you know about any scholar in your department or University
who currently reaserch the Lankavatara or anything related? I am
also very interested in the Dharani of this sutra and how it found its
way there.

I wonder why this sutra seems to be abondoned and why
MiaoFaLianHua - Lotus and DaBanNiePan - Mahaparinirvana Sutra
in Japan and  ShouLengYen - Surangama and HuaYen -
Avatamsaka Sutra in Taiwan are preferred. What do you think?

Do you know whether prof. Takasaki still works on this sutra and
its origin?

Are there no Indian Scholars interested in this scripture at all?


Petr Mares
> If you can read Japanese, Prof. Takasaki's work will be useful for you.
> Japanese translation of Chinese Version of Lankavatara Sutra.
> Ryogakyo, translated by Takasaki Jikido,
> Tokyo,Daizo Shuppan, 1980.1,  436p ; 20cm.
> ISBN: 4804354131
> According to A Descriptive dictionary of Mahaayana Sutras(Tokyo,
> Hokusindo, 1997, p.318), this is not a full translation.
> On  Wed, 3 Feb 1999 14:13:53 +0100 $B!$ (BPetr Mares <erpet at COMP.CZ> wrote
> ;
> > I would also like to ask if anybody knows about any current
> > research or translating of this sutra especially in the Chinese
> > version.
> -----------
> KIM Jae-sung (Jung Won)
> Department of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies
> University of Tokyo
> e-mail : jungwon at

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