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 this is a belated response to your query. The destruction of Nalanda
University and other Buddhist and Hindu centers of learning was done
by Ikhtiyauddin Bakhtiyar Khalji from 1197-1202 AD. It is a  tale
of wanton distruction and rapine slaughter which  was repeated for
centuries on the sub-continent by these 'ghazis' (slayers of
infidels, sort of warrier saints in Islam).
 The eyewitness chronicles of this event are written in the
"Tabquat-i-Nasiri" by Minhaj Siraj Jurjani

 I would also like to pose the following questions on the list ;

1) Are there any centers for study of medevial India in Western
Universities ?
2) Is there a 'magnum-opus' of social history of the medevial period
in India which is regarded as an accurate reflection of the times ?
3) Are critical editions of the thousands of manuscripts of the
muslim chroniclers of medevial India available easily in libraries in
the US ?

 It is interesting to me that the damning fratricidal conflict on the
subcontinent today has never been discussed in terms of the history
of medevial India. After the nuclear blasts, all the journalism began
an analysis of the conflict from 1947; The medevial dimension of the
Islamic conquest is where the roots of the Hindu-Muslim conflict lie.
Yet, this period remains completely undiscussed in a civil scholarly
manner in India (and seemingly in the West as well) , lending
credence to Koenraad Elsts 'Negationism in India' thesis.
 There remain competing histories in place for medevial India (as
they do for ancient India as well) in which the warrier saints of one
are the murderers for the other. These continue to stoke the conflict
and feed fodder for the demagogues on both sides to spew.
 A focussed and civil discussion of this time has the power to begin
creating an unambiguous history of the times which in turn can bring
much healing.
 I would appreciate answers to the questions posed above.
J.B. Sharma

> From:          Peter North <pnorth98 at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Subject:       Nalanda University
> Hello,
> I've read accounts about the ancient Nalanda University
> near Patna, Bihar (India) being destroyed during the early
> 12th cent. by Moslem invaders (khalji?). It's said that
> a large section of the residents there were killed.
> Does anyone have a detailed account of what happened
> there and which centers were actually destroyed?
> thanks again.
> peter
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