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Paolo Pianarosa cultura at ARPNET.IT
Mon Feb 8 13:41:23 UTC 1999

Dear Sirs
        I would like to study "aradhana" in Jainism, so I'm looking for the
"Mularadhanadarpana", a sanskrit commentary of Ashadhara on "Bhagavati
Aradhana" (or Mularadhana) of Shivarya (or Shivakotyacarya) and the
Amitagati's "Aradhana" a metrical paraphrasis in sanskrit of the same. As
far I know there is only one edition of them: Mularadhana, Shri
Shantisagara granthamala n. 13, Sholapur 1935. I couldn't find it in
libraries nor in bookshops so far. Could anyone tell me where I can buy it
or where I can get a photocopy.
        Moreover, is there anyone who has an updated bibliography about aradhana?
                Paolo Pianarosa

Paolo Pianarosa
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