Etyma: pus.kara, pus.ya

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Mon Feb 8 07:28:46 UTC 1999


As we were debating the Paus.kara Sam.hita_ (of the Pan~cara_tra a_gama), a
doubt has arisen. Monier-Williams provides the following notes: "rather fr.
pushka+ra than fr. push+kara, but cf. Un.a_di iv,4) The Dha_tupa_t.ha xvii,50
has pus. to mean divide, unfold... pos.a in RV i.93.2 is interpreted as
'thriving, prosperity, abundance'; see for e.g. gava_m (RV. ixc.666.21
dadhad rayim mayi 

I shall be grateful for comments from s' on the possibility of
interpreting Paus.kara Sam.hita_ etymologically, in the context of
architectural division of space to layout a township... The work cites the
need for 4 years of education to learn the technology and engineering
Regards, Kalyanaraman

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