contact on prof. Suganuma and other Lankavatara scholars needed.

Petr Mares erpet at COMP.CZ
Wed Feb 3 18:54:58 UTC 1999

Dear Coleagues

I am looking for the ways to contact the bellow named scholars and
teachers who have currently contributed  to the study of
LANKAVATARA sutra Taisho 670-2
1. prof. SUGANUMA Akira who supose to be translating the Bei Wei
version T671 for the Numata Center. (Numata Center has never
answered any of my letter, fax or email in last three years)
2. Venerable teacher NAN2 HUA2 JIN3 who is probably from Hong
Kong and who wrote commentary on Lankavatara T670 in 1965.
3. Venerable teacher TAI4 XU1 probably from Taiwan who wrote
commentary on Lankvatara T670recently.
4. HADANO HAKUYU of Tohoku University
who all wrote about Lankavatara to Indogaku Bukkyogaku Kenkyo.

I am basically looking for any scholars currently involved in the text
of Lankavatara Sutra especialy Taisho 670, Stein 6909, Pelliot
2198 or Stein 5311. I am especially interested to find out if
anybody has done any research on the pre-Gunabhadra Chinese
translation of the text of Dharmaraksha Chin. TanWuChen (his
name used to be earlier reconstructed as Dharmakshema), the
translator of Mahaparinirvana in 36 fasc. in Gansu.

Any information or clue will be very precious to me.

Thank You

Petr Mares

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