Q: KannaDa vacana

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 3 19:09:21 UTC 1999

A. K. Ramanujan (Speaking of 'Siva, Penguin classics)
translates MallikArjuna occuring in Mahadevi Akka's poems
as "Lord white as Jasmine".

Is there a Kannada tradition of interpreting mallikArjuna
this way? In other words, is there a text that explicitly
calls as Izvara as Lord white as jasmine?

Are there any KannaDa/Telugu/Sanskrit temple legends
saying Izvara is like jasmine flower while bhramarAbA
is encircling Him like a honey bee?

For example, in Sivanandalahari 50, Sankara compares
'Siva to jasmine.

Thanks. A mallikA bouquet!

N. Ganesan

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