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Heinz Werner Wessler oldthww at HUM.AU.DK
Tue Feb 2 14:36:34 UTC 1999

> Could anyone give me some references to articles or books about the Hindu
> concept of time. Preferably publications from an anthropological point of
> view.
> Many thanks,
> Victor

Dear Victor,

I may add (to John Grimes' bibliography) my own dissertation on the
concept of time and history in the Vi.s.nupur-a.na (Zeit und
Geschichte im Vi.s.nupur-a.na...Bern 1995 [Studia  Religiosa
Helvetica, Series Altera : 1] - published in German). Its selective
bibliography (until 1994) is not meant to be complete on "time in
Hinduism", but it contains some interesting titles additional to John
Grimes booklist (including A.N. Balslev, to whom Georg von Simson has
referred to). Some of these are in English.

Hari Shankar Prasad has edited a collection of some relevant articles
(as reprints) in a reader, which I find very useful, but non of these
is from a specifically "anthropological point of view":

Time in Indian philosophy : a collection of essays. Ed. by Hari
Shankar Prasad. Delhi 1992 (Sri Garib Das Oriental Series : 111)

Yours, Heinz Werner Wessler
Dr.Heinz Werner Wessler
Indisk Afdeling, Aarhus Universitet
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DK-8000 Aarhus C

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