Mistakes in carrying out Vedic sacrifices

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 31 17:33:34 UTC 1999

Toke Lindegaard Knudsen wrote:
>I am curious about other stories from the Vedas or puranas
>concerning sacrifices that "went wrong" - particularly if the fault
>was due to a mistake in the construction of the altar (wrong
>dimensions, wrong area, etc.) or in the orientation of the altar.
>>If anyone knows of references to such stories I would be happy to

I have come across a rendering of a wonderful story attributed to the
Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam about a yajna held by Devadatta and his wife Rohini
for a son and presided over by the Brahmin priest Govila.  It is a story
about a sacrifice that "goes wrong" (not due to dimensions etc. but for
other reasons).  I don't have access to a Devi Bhagavatam ( and have only
seen the rendering)but perhaps someone on this list can give you the
reference for the original story.  If this is of interest to you and you
can't get the original story I can fax the rendering to you.

Harry Spier

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