Book Review: An Update on AIT (Part 1)

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Mon Aug 30 05:30:20 UTC 1999

I agree fully with George Thompson. How long will Mr. Rajaram (who is
obviously watching the "AIT debates" on our list) hide behind the backs
of his enthusiastic followers? When will he appear in person and produce
any serious argument against the Indo-European nature of Sanskrit or against
the location of IE homeland outside India (not against Max Mueller's "Aryan
Invasion theory" in the proper sense of the word which has been dead for
many decades)? I have not seen any argument of this kind yet: nothing at all,
but "patriotic" emotions.
                                                Yaroslav Vassilkov.

P.S. I was glad to learn that Romila Thapar and Shireen Ratnagar, Indian
scholars whose names are known all over the world, expressed in writing
what do they think about Mr. Rajaram's propagandistic "theory".
     By the way, I have never heard the name of such "leading scholar"
as K.Elst. Is he known for anything else than participation in this


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