Book Review: An Update on AIT (Part 1)

George Thompson GthomGt at CS.COM
Mon Aug 30 04:01:05 UTC 1999

It seems to me that if Rajaram wants us to take him seriously, he should
start, finally, now that the rest of us are preparing for the next
milllennnium, to make his entry into the twentieth century.  Why does he keep
on harping on an out of date scholar like poor Max Mueller.? Or even older
Sir Wm. Jones?  How long will it take Rajaram to enter the twentieth century?
How long is it polite for the rest of us to wait for him to catch up with the
 rest of us? The repetition in these arguments is nothing if not tedious. We
keep on rebuting the silly arguments that he poses. Hoiw much longer must we
endure the waste of time involved in restuing his banalities over and over
and over again? And what about  the accompanying insults? How long shall we
bite our tongues while this sort of charlatan persaudes all of India that it
is Atlantis all over again?

I for one am eager to advance reseach in my field. How much time should I
waste on this sort of uninformed ethnocentric rant?

Rajaram, put some facts on the table. Then let us debate them.

How can this review be called an 'update' when it says nothing, absolutely
nothing, about what has gone on  in the AIT debate over the past hundred

Let the list see what kind of opponent stands before us.

George Thompson

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