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> Dear Scholars,
> Would like to know the details on
> a book by Chowdhury so that I can place an order.
> The book title is something like
> "The Indian origin of the Chinese Nation".
> Is he also part of the school that propagates its ideology that
> IE originated in India and spread westward also?
> Regards,
> V. Iyer
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Dear Mr. Iyer:

Details on the Chowdhury book:

       Caudhuri, Paramesa:
       Indian origin of the Chinese nation : a challenging,
         unconventional theory of the origin of the Chinese ....
        Calcutta : Dasgupta & Co., 1990

  I have not read the book, so cannot say any more. I saw the book in the
Anthropology stacks. Hint: Anthropolgy of Scholarly Ideas ?

Good luck.

Jogesh Panda

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