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Venkatraman Iyer venkatraman_iyer at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 27 13:14:17 UTC 1999

>Ptolemy 7,1,29 Diamounas is Yamuna
>Nothing like Tohna (where h is impossible in ancient Greek).
>The only names in Ptolemy's 7th book (India, SEAsia, SriLanka) distantly
>similar are 7,1,52 Touana (a town) and 7,2,2 Tokosana (river in Bengal).

  Sri. R. Raghava Aiyangar in a 1908 tamil article
in the research jl., centamiz (founded by Ramnad Sethupathis)
quotes many poems that write tozunai for yamuna. RR says
that Ptolemy uses tOhna. Due to tamil alphabets, it could
mean dohna as well.

Don't know whether RR meant this "Touna" taking it as
ta. "tozunai". Is Touna a town on the banks of Yamuna?
Or the Ptolemy's info insuffiecient to determine?

Does Diamounas have any variants?
Like Doulounas, Diolunas, etc.,?

V. Iyer

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