"Hallisaka /Hallishaka"

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Fri Aug 20 03:35:55 UTC 1999

Dear Friends in the Indology Group,
I am refering to the book"Studies in the Natyashastra" by Dr G H
Tarlekar.(Motilal Banarasidas Publn, 1991 Second Edition). This is his
Doctoral thesis with special reference to the Sanskrit Drama in Performance.
He refers to Hallisaka ( the women dance in a circle with one hero at the
center) in classical Sanskrit plays, and quotes Dr V S Agrawal
("Harshacharita" - Eka Samskritijka Adhyayana, Bihar Rashtrabhasaha
Parishad, Ptna 1953, pp 33-34) as Agrawal opiining that 'Hallisaka' is
derived from Ionian Elysian. He states-
"The ancient Aryabhata region had the Indian Raasa and Ionian Slysian
mixed. ...". Dr Tarlekar identifies the group dance in Baalacharita and
Paancharaatra of Bhasa as Hallisaka.  Also, he mentions that "Natyashastra
with Abhnava Bharathi's commtr." (G O S Baroda, Vol 1, p181) quotes ancient
authorities giving the definitions of Hallisaka ( and other Nrutthamaka
Prabhandas such as Dombika, Shidgaka, Bhaanika, Raasaka etc.).
2.  "Saahitya Darpana" 555, may also throw some light on "Hallisham", one
of the 18 minor dramatic compositions (uparupakas).
3.  Any study about "hallisaka" should be done relative to "Raasa", and HH
Wilson's Commentary  and page full of footnotes on Vishnu Purana 13. 47-
61, Vol II, p 737- 740 ( Nag Publications, 1989) and of course, Tenth Canto
of Bhagavata - will help.
Stockton, California

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