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>Dear Indologists,
>Aware of different flag standards: garuDa-dhvaja held by ViSNu,
>nandhi-dhvaja held by Ziva, makara-dhvaja held by Kaama/Pradyumna,
>tAla-dhvaja held by SaMkarSaNa/BalarAma, ta. mayil koDi
>(mayUra-dhvaja) with Murukan (Skanda), ...
>In a similar manner, does parvatarAjan/himavAn hold
>a parvata-dhvaja? May be in the DakSa sacrifice episode??
>Thanks for any quotes,
>V. Iyer

        Dear Mr. Iyer,

                I don't know if this is of significance to you.
                But there is a Malayadhvaja who is a Pandya
        king fighting on the side of the Pandavas in the
        Maha Bharatha War. He is one of the fathers-in-law of
                Again there is another  Malayadhvaja who is
        a Pandya. He is the father of Devi Miinaakshi or
        Thadaathagai as she was known earlier.



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