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<<<                 I don't know if this is of significance to you.
                 But there is a Malayadhvaja who is a Pandya
         king fighting on the side of the Pandavas in the
         Maha Bharatha War. He is one of the fathers-in-law of
                 Again there is another  Malayadhvaja who is
         a Pandya. He is the father of Devi Miinaakshi or
         Thadaathagai as she was known earlier.   >>>

Thanks, Dr. Jayabarathi. Medieval authors in Tamil,
well-versed in Sanskrit, mention parvata = malaya (potiyil).

Parvati is parvata-rAja's daughter and,
Miinaakshi, who is identified with Parvati, came to
be known malaya-dhvaja's daughter in later legends.
My question is whether there is a mention of
Parvati's father holding the parvata (himalaya) emblem?

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