rAjalIlAsana in Cambodia?

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Tue Apr 27 19:14:50 UTC 1999

Dear Dr. Ganesan,

There are several early  (7th c.) Miroku (jp. Maitreya) in a rajalila
pose. It was quite a common pose for early Korean and Japanese
Maitreya.  One well known wooden image from Chuguji, a convent
associated with Horyuji, is illustrated in P. Mason, History of Japanese
Art. It is pretty much a copy of a slightly earlier Korean sculpture. If
you start searching I think you will be overwhelmed with small Korean
I am not aware of any Cambodian images . . . but you might risk an email
to my advisor at UCLA, Robert Brown, RLBrown at humnet.ucla.edu. He is a
Khmer specialist. I am thinking you might also get lucky with Cham
What are you working on, sounds interesting?

N. Ganesan wrote:
> >Are you familair with the beautiful e. 10th c. silver Manjusri in
> >lalitasana from central Java? Illustrated in J. Fontein, Sculptures
> >of Indonesia, 1991.
> Thanks, Mrs. Storm. I have the book already.
> I appreciate any info rAjalIlAsana sculptures
> from Cambodia?
> Have not yet checked Art of Japan and Korea books on this
> aspect. Like Song dynasty Guanyins from South China,
> are Kannons in Japan in rAjalIlAsana famous too?
> Do we have Korean Avalokitas in rAjalIlAsana?
> Any Khmer, Korean, Japanese rajalilasana sculptures???
> Regards,
> N. Ganesan
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