Trilingual inscription from Sri Lanka

Alvappillai Veluppillai alvapillai.veluppillai at TEOL.UU.SE
Tue Apr 27 06:37:53 UTC 1999

I am sorry to inform you that I have not come across this inscription,
except for Paranavitana's edition. I have not written anything about it.
I now feel that it is worth editing it again. It is necessary to get an
estampage of the inscription, to decipher it carefully. Further assistance
will be needed from expert epigraphists in Chinese and Persian to prepare a
good uptodate edition of the whole record. Like Paranavitana, I am also not
competent in Chinese or Persian.
>Dear Prof. Veluppillai,
>Greetings. Did you write about Galle inscription any time?
>Kind regards,
>V. Iyer
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