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Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Apr 24 02:05:53 UTC 1999

Dear list members,

In his "Tantra of the Great Liberation" (p.l. [roman numeral 50] n.1)
Avalon/Woodroffe quotes the following verse and attributes it to the
KulArNava Tantra, without giving the reference.  I have not been able to
find the verse in the text, which leads me to believe he was quoting from
memory and maybe got the source confused.  Does anyone know if it actually
is from the KulArNava (with the ref.) or, if not, from where it might come?

The verese (in his transliteration) is:

krite shrutyukta AchAras tretAyAm smRti-sambhavah
dvApare tu purAnoktang kalau Agama kevalam

Any help will be appreciated (and will bestow puNya aplenty).


Luis González-Reimann, Ph.D.
Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies
University of California, Berkeley

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